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Below you'll find a variety of activities to select from, organized by category.

Simple But Effective

These online activities are a quick way to demonstrate the importance of cybersecurity

Have you been hacked?

Check often and act swiftly!

This online tool checks if your email and password have been compromised in any data breaches, or if your info has been shared with others.
An image of the search bar from the

Password Strength

How strong can you make a password?

An effective tool to experiment with how to make an effective password, by letting you know how long it would take a hacker to determine your choice. *Note that although the site claims to not save passwords, it's always best to not use any of your own.
A text-entry bar where you can type a proposed password to determine its strength.

Competitive Opportunities

Are you and your students up to the test?

ICTC CyberTitans

Work as a team to identify security threats!

CyberTitan prepares middle and secondary school students with learning opportunities through hands-on simulated environments that develop the critical, digital skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education STEM programs; to learn skills essential to work in many fields, and to identify roles students can play help to secure our systems.
An image of the CyberTitan competition date, which is May 8th, 2023.

Interactive Games

Engage your students with these interactive cybersecurity activities!

CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm

Mindfully approach your online safety!

A Minecraft: Education Edition activity where the player encounters a series of questionable online interactions, and must navigate the correct path with a trusted adult.
An image of Minecraft with an NPC standing next to a computer, with the title,

Cyber Castle Challenge

Build your defenses to withstand any threat!

In this Minecraft: Education Edition activity, players can work independently or collaboratively to protect themselves from a series of threats.
A Minecraft farmer npc holding a chicken and running away from a fox. Text along the top with the title of the activity,

Career Pathways

Leverage these tools to learn more about careers in cybersecurity and what your students can do to prepare

Cybersecurity Gatebreakers' Cybersecurity Personality Test

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An online quiz, which asks 10 questions to determine which jobs in cybersecurity are right for you!