EarSketch - Learning the Basics

In this video, we take you through the quickstart tour to get you started in Earsketch. You will learn about the Code Editor, Digital Audio Workstation, Content Manager, and creating a new project.

EarSketch - The Debugging Process

A few tips and tricks for identifying errors in Earsketch, and strategies to problem solve.

EarSketch - Variables and Song Structure

Ready to make your first song? Check out this video to make your code more efficient!

EarSketch - Options for Privacy and Account Creation

Want to save and share your students' projects, but concerned about privacy? This video will show you alternatives for saving student progress, without needing an account.

EarSketch - setEffect and makeBeat

Ready to take your work to the next level? Check out our video on the setEffect and makeBeat functions to learn how to apply effects and create drum fills!